Business options with minimal investment
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A business without investments - how to start penniless
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Formation and change of the authorized capital of LLC in 2015
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Why will free WiFi add value to your business?

Fortunately or unfortunately, today a large number of people simply depend on the Internet. Given that the Internet is constantly evolving, and large search engines such as Yandex and Google are constantly changing their algorithms, adapting specifically to mobile devices, the future of the Internet is still ahead.

Why will free WiFi add value to your business?

In Russia, there is still a shortage of WiFi access points, when compared with some European countries, where literally every institution and even in parks has WiFi. Especially in Moscow, you can see that people are already used to constantly having an Internet connection, whether it be a metro, cafe or workplace.

If you are the owner of a business that has a physical premises for the provision of services, then the availability of free WiFi can increase profitability. Let’s take a look at the benefits of free WiFi.

Naturally, with the advent of WiFi in your cafe, customers will spend an order of magnitude more time, these data are not taken from the head, but a survey and even several studies were conducted. So, if the Internet was available in 62% of institutions, customers spent much more time, while 50% of them spent more money than those who did not have access to free WiFi.

If you think that customers will simply take their place, sitting on the Internet for a long time and not buying anything, then you are mistaken. From 70 points of small business, only the owners of 5 institutions noticed in some cases this trend, but it is understandable. For example, in the case of business meetings, which are held most often in places with access to WiFi, people will order a cup of coffee and will discuss something for a long time. But! They have already come to your institution only because it was you who had access to free internet.

Increases patency

At your place, most likely, a very bright sign hangs on the corner of the street, inviting new customers. Do not forget that today when choosing a place to go, people turn to sites such as Yandex.Maps (GoogleMaps), TripAdvisor, Foursquare, where they are specifically looking for places with WiFi access. It is the presence of fast and free Internet that will allow you to add your business to the map of your city, as well as appear at hundreds of passers-by who will search near your Wi-Fi establishment and stumble upon the name of your business in your smartphone.

Attracts New Customers

Firstly, few people will want to come and spend time in an excellent restaurant or cafe just like that alone, because they will feel a little awkward. More than 53% of visitors can sit alone only in establishments with free Internet. The presence of WiFi allows them to communicate with their friends through social networks and let’s say Skype.

You can also attract regular new customers through the email newsletter or through subscribing to your groups on social networks. Usually, before a client gains access to the network, he must confirm the terms of use, and if you add an email subscription or advertise your groups in social networks on the same page where the terms of use are written, you can get your customer base completely free! Also, some institutions immediately connect when they redirect their customers to the home page of their site.

Traditionally, people when choosing a place for a snack or meeting looked only at the price and quality of services, but now they also check the availability of a WiFi sticker on the front door of your establishment. Technology forces many businesses to adapt and change their approach, all because competition in the services market is constantly growing. You need to have free internet to get around your competitors at least this point.

Keeping up with the times is always good for the business, and you don’t have to go far for examples. Any stores that still do not have their own online store lose every day not only additional income, but also their former customers. People need comfort and the more advantages your business has over a competitor, the greater the profit will be – everything is simple and logical.

Higher Search Engine Ranks

This, of course, is not very connected with free WiFi, but search engines have already learned how to provide geolocation answers to user requests. If your business is registered on maps and is permissible in the Google Business directory, then you will be in higher positions in the search results even, for example, at the request of “cafe with WiFi” if your potential client is in the same city as Your institution. Also, recent studies have shown that if your business is registered in catalogs and mobile applications with real reviews (e.g. TripAdvisor), then you will be higher in issuance, and therefore more popular.

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