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How to start a tourism business

The service sector in the Russian Federation is developing in huge strides, trying to realize the opportunities that were missed in the twentieth century. One way or another, the development of the service sector is associated with an increase in the welfare of the population. Now people allow themselves not only to buy the necessary goods, but also to spend their own savings on less tangible things, for example, on vacation.

Tourism is a mass phenomenon that is gaining momentum every year. As a result, the number of travel companies is increasing, new hotels and entertainment centers are opening. This business is climbing uphill today, is this not a reason to join the general stream and rush to the top with it?

How to start a tourism business

Opening a business in this area is not such a complicated matter as, for example, opening a supermarket or a canteen. However, in this seemingly simple undertaking, there are many pitfalls.

Do not forget that everything should be consistent and accurate, because at stake is not only a new business, but also already accumulated savings.

If you decide to move towards the goal, what do you think, where to start? Correctly, determine where the target, in fact, is located. To do this, you must:

Choose a direction of activity. In this case, a travel agent or tour operator;
Define priority areas of activity and additional services that you will offer to your customers;
Identify the target audience, those people you will be guided by when building your business;
Draw up a business plan and determine the authorized capital, i.e. initial amount of funds.
Having determined your area of ​​activity, it’s worth moving on to the next stage, on which the success of your company depends in many respects.

You can find a ready-made business plan for a travel agency here.

Registration of a travel company

To open a business in the field of tourism can be both an individual entrepreneur (IP) and a legal entity (LLC), which is much preferable. For a travel agency, which acts as a tour operator, a rather large role is played by a license, which gives permission to conduct a tourism business.

This kind of document is issued by a special state agency and is unlimited. A license that allows you to engage in tourism activities are divided into travel agent and tour operator.

The first type of license makes it possible to resell ready-made tours and at the same time receive a commission (about 10%). It is also necessary to issue a specialized certificate of conformity, which confirms the safety of the services you provide.


An important role is played by the office, since tourism activities are aimed at contact with people. The office building should be in good condition, located in the city center or in a large administrative building, so your travel agency will gain trust among potential customers.

Where to get money to start your own business? It is this problem that 95% of beginning entrepreneurs face! In the article “Where to get money for a business” we revealed the most relevant ways to get start-up capital for an entrepreneur. We also recommend that you carefully study the results of our experiment in exchange earnings: “see the results of the experiment”
However, due to the fact that the rental price of offices in the city center is high, and the minimum office area of ​​a travel agency should be 20 square meters. m, then you can open your first travel agency on the outskirts. However, this will significantly increase advertising costs. It is important to calculate what will be cheaper: pay for an office or for advertising.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the atmosphere of the office: it should be a cozy room in a business style, spacious, with comfortable furniture. The most important thing is that your office seems to people to be a station of peace and tranquility and really prove that you know a lot about relaxation. Clients should spend a lot of time in the office, browsing tours and choosing the ones that are right for themselves.


Another link that will lead you to success. Do not forget: your activity is related to working with people, which is why all employees must be charming, but restrained, tactful, but cheerful, have a well-established voice and know at least one additional language.

Remember, all these people will work with your customers, while creating the image of the company, what income you get as a result directly depends on these people. Responsibly to the selection of personnel and if possible deal with this matter personally.

How to advertise a travel agency?

Due to the fact that the competition in this field of activity is quite high without advertising, the travel agency will not last long. Moreover, a firm’s advertisement can be very diverse:

– Booklets, catalogs must be distributed both in the office and beyond: by mail, distributed on the street and at various specialized events;

– A sign is the face of your company, this is the image with which your business will be associated from its birth until its possible liquidation.

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