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Russian Internet platforms for remote work

A new and unusual word “Crowdworking”, which means just searching for additional work using special Internet platforms. And this niche is currently gaining momentum.

In the United States, many start-up entrepreneurs use crowdfunding services, so they do not have sufficient funds to support the staff of employees performing various small assignments. Crowdworking just helps entrepreneurs find workers to carry out various projects that can perform a particular job on a free schedule and piece-rate pay.
Moreover, the work is performed without enrolling the employee in the staff, on a personal computer or through mobile applications. These observations were made by an American computer scientist Lilly Airani.

There are no exact statistics on the number of crowd workers worldwide. If you rely on approximate data, then the largest number of crowd workers in the United States and India, and the total number of such job seekers is hundreds of thousands. In most countries, people do some work on the Internet, based on a contract. This may be the creation of a logo or the development of advertising. Remuneration for such conditions is not particularly high, it ranges from 5 to 20 dollars a day.

83% of those who work on the Internet would like to switch to full-time employment

Having organizations that are looking for cheap labor and applicants who are willing to work on the Internet for a small fee, the idea arose of uniting customers and performers on Internet sites, which are called crowdfunding and exist thanks to commission fees from each contract. Payment for crowdfunders varies from 1.38 to 5 dollars per hour. Amazon owns the most popular online site Mechanical Turk, which has hosted about 500,000 crowd workers.

Russian crowdworking

In Russia, crowdfunding is not as widespread as abroad. Nevertheless, it is slowly developing., the Russian Internet crowdfunding platform, is owned by Konstantin Garanin.

The Russian version of crowdfunding involves attracting more qualified workforce to work, which significantly distinguishes it from its Western counterparts. To date, the online platform has united in its space more than ten thousand young and promising citizens from all over the country who realize various creative ideas and try to push the latest ideas, which they successfully cope with.

And organizations, in turn, are registered on this platform to search for new ideas and trends, to create various studies and surveys, using crowdfunding resources for this.

About 40,000 people are registered on the platform of real people who want to work, although more than 1.5 million people visit it over the year. If we compare such a system, for example, with China, where about 7 million translators are united on only one of the many crowdfunding platforms, then our indicators look very insignificant.

Garanin suggests that throughout the country we will not have even a million people looking for work on the Internet. Garanin also claims that such a model of work in Russia is still unusual, and will develop very slowly in the next five years, and then its growth should be expected.

Internet for solving household issues
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In Russia, besides this, there are other Internet resources where customers can find performers for their household assignments, this platform is developing much more actively.

For example, the YouDo platform, founded by Denis Kutergin. The idea of ​​creating the so-called bulletin board on the Internet was born when he was looking for a cleaning lady to clean his apartment. There are a lot of ads of this nature in the network, but these are all legal entities, and an ordinary cleaning lady was needed. Thus, in 2012, a project was created on Kutergin’s personal savings.

Today the project is quite popular, about 1000 announcements are posted on it daily. About 25% of customers are entrepreneurs or private organizations that are interested in various consumer services, from couriers and carriers to creating websites and conducting promotions.

Absolutely all potential performers are tested in the form of psychological tests. This is quite enough, since the services they provide do not require confirmation of qualifications.

Since 2014, YouDo services have become paid and each contractor must pay 15% of the value of their order to the box office.

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